Yup, I am still pretty drunk.

Yup, I am still pretty drunk.

Ab woke up with a burning desire to get out of Solitude and see another city for a while, he packed his things and went down to see Lisette before leaving. He took a swig of wine as he approached her and said “Lisette, my fair Lisette. It does pain me to do this but my adventuring spirit calls to me.  I must go for a time but I do swear to you that I will return to you.”

Oh my love, my sweetest Lisette. If I could but take you awa... Hic!

Oh my love, my sweetest Lisette. If I could but take you awa… Hic!

Lisette seemed a bit upset but composed her self well and said “I know how it goes for you adventuring types. You get the itch to travel and you must scratch it. I hope you find what you seek  and return here soon. I still haven’t heard all of your tales of heroism and valor”.

Ab nodded solemnly, he hugged her and kissed her before he left. He didn’t want to leave her but he just couldn’t stay here for the time. It was baffling as he was enjoying himself in Solitude. He set off with a bottle of wine in his hand and began the long march to the stables.

When he arrive he was shocked to find no trace of Lady Shix, surely she hadn’t wandered off? He went to the stablemaster and said “My good sir, where might my horse be?”

.... What the Shix!

…. What the Shix!

The man looked over his eyes bloodshot and the bags bellow them dark and said “Damn it, that was yer horse? I sold it to some Khajit fella last night. I thought it was one of mine, I was rather drunk.”

Ab noticeably deflated and hung his head and said “My horse… My Shix. Oh Sanguine is this some punishment?”

The stablemaster pulled out a sack of coin and said “Here, this was what I got fer her. Take it, it won’t buy you one of my horses but it is the least I can do.”

Ab took the money and left. He couldn’t stand to be there any longer, Shix was his horse and he was to be damned to Oblivion if he would saddle another anytime soon. He started trudging along the road, it was a peaceful day atleast.

He made it to Dragon Bridge untroubled and carried on with Meeko in tow. He crossed the bridge to see two massive forces battling for the bridge. He slid past them and carried on, he was so defeated he didn’t even feel the need to wait and loot the losers. After several minutes he came across two travelers on the road in silvery armor. The obvious leader of the duo looked to him and said “It is dangerous to travel alone Redguard. Perhaps you would like some company?”

Ab nodded absentmindedly his thoughts on Lisette, Shix and his odd urgency to move on to another city. The group trudged along in silence for half an hour before the first arrow whizzed through the air and struck Meeko squarely in the head. The poor thing never knew what happened when he crumpled to the ground. Ab snapped to reality then, the stress of this clam day breaking him. He drew his crossbow and zeroed in on the archer and let a blot fly deep into his chest. The bandit archer dropped dead to the ground and two more stepped up to take its place. Ab reloaded as his traveling companions drew their blades and charged towards the hidden foe. As they did Ab began to fall back to provide cover fire when he felt a sharp pain in his back. He spun to see two more archers and three heavily armored and armed bandits pop out of the grass. He panicked and started to run but his legs didn’t want to respond well, he couldn’t feel his feet and knew this was going to get bad. He managed to stagger forward to his traveling companions as the hacked down one bandit after another. Though they fought hard there seemed to be no end to the horde that they had to fight. Ab shouted to them “More are coming up behind us, and I’ve been hit bad.”



One turned to see the approaching hammer that was going to crush them against the anvil. The duo pushed Ab back against the cliff beside the road and told him to keep firing and pick off the archers. He did so as best he could but the pain and shock was taking its toll. First the follower of the two fell a blade buried deep in his chest cleaving him from collarbone to sternum. Then the other one began to falter and the crushing horde began to overtake him. He look to Ab and smiled when he said “I shall see you in Soverngard Redguard. Make them pay though!”

With that he charged into the mass of bandits and Ab broke into a mad dash. He made it out of the horde and directly into the camp they had set up. Ab saw no way out other than straight through the archer covered gate. He scrambled onto a rocky outcrop and fired at the four archers on the walkway. One went down but the other three took their aim and three arrows sunk into Ab’s chest. He collapsed from the pain and blood loss and the world dimmed a bit. The last thing he saw was the glint of an ax blade that split his head in two.

.............................................. Seriously, some tears were shed.

………………………………………. Seriously, some tears were shed.

Damn it all, I did not want that to happen. That was supposed to be an easy, ‘oh look bandits, i better avoid them section.’ But no,…. Damned ambush, Bandits are sneaky little buggers. At least Ab died with some wine in his system. I take some small solace in that. Sorry for the long break, and comeback only to have Ab die immediately afterwards…. Also I seriously just played this, less than an Hour ago. If i had know…. Grrrrrrrrrr

Pyrell, Spring, Elspeth and Parker. Thank you all for your support of this wacky adventure, it was fun while it lasted. I think I am going to cry, actually. I had grown really attached to Ab and now…. Grrrrrrr. I think I am going to go simmer in my anger for a while. Also sorry for the lack of screenshots, not much happened and then the battle was really just frantic as hell. (I think I may introduce Ab to my other story Haaum, to lighten the mood of it. It was getting pretty dark and I think it could use a Foil character).

Well, this is the End. May Ab rest forever in the realm of Sanguine.


A Realization, or Two

I just realized that I never really explained why Solitude suddenly looked different in my comeback post. I am using the Sexy Solitude mod and the rest of the set. It is pretty sick in my opinion.  Links will be bellow. My second realization is that there is no second realization, now to go find Ab some wine.


This is the page with all of the Sexy mods, they are all pretty great.


Time to do a fire dance.

Part 9: Madmen, Drunkmen, and A Few Deadmen

I awake from what seemed like the longest night of my life, the dream never seemed to end. After a time the dream of Lisette faded and I dreamed of a hero, bravely battling the scourge of Winearox the dragon of wine. He drank the wine until there was none left and the world cried out for a hero. The hero fought the dragon and convinced it to drink water instead and the world was saved from it’s wineless future. As the grog of the dream left the pounding of the hangover kicked in, I drank a bit of the remaining wine in one of my near empty bottles and rolled out of bed. I saunter down to the bar and eat some of my food a hunk of beef and some bread and down it with water.

Hangover, the punishment of the God's for having a good time.

Hangover, the punishment of the God’s for having a good time.

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Fixing the problem, the complete and utter failure to do so

Well, i did it. I failed utterly. So to pick up where i left off I’m making a new Ab, and putting him in solitude. Going to console him to the correct level, and with CCO installed I’ll get to make him a better drunk and a worse fighter, I should be updating the tale soon. Now it is Haaum’s turn to wait for an undetermined amount of time.  Feel free to unfollow Haaum he may never return unless Ab breaks or gets to an unknown goal. Ab-Ebul is back, and ready to stumble through Skyrim in a black out stupor. Providing all things go according to plan, i will have a post up tonight or tomorrow,

Ab is taking a Hiatus, but fear not! I have other things planned!

So, i haven’t updated Ab in a while. That is because he is broken, i am working on it. The inability to play him sapped my will to write. Until I started something else, a more structured and scripted story. One of a Great Hero, who faces impossible odds and doesn’t wet his grieves. And it is all in Skyrim, because Skyrim = Video Game Crack.

So what i am doing is a mostly scripted story, set up in book. It will draw upon the adventures of the hero in Skyrim but without the rules of one life. He isn’t and NPC, he is a PC! Screen shots will be taken carefully, not rushed because i have to escape a fight to preserve my self, story will progress along arcs and plot. Some things will occur that are unplanned (the 4th post has a big one that i couldn’t bear to change because it was to perfect).


So who is this mystery hero? Who is the great protagonist i have envisioned for a week and now give to you? He is none other than Haaum! A Redguard Hunter, and swords man. He has a destiny, and it is a bloody one.  Dragons threatened his home, and now they must pay (In blo… bones). He will progress through the main story, he may join the civil war, he will at some point do the dawnguard stuff and seeing as he is a Dragonborn he will go to Solstheim at some point.


One last thing, this will be a lot more detailed than Ab’s tale is. Here is the Prologue, the new one will be my main page soon not sure how the following thing works but it might make it easier to get to.


The Prologue: The Night of the Wolf (When Hunters Collide)